Experimental Bike Commuting

photos | 03/31/2010

Just snapped a few photos of the bike to show you what I’m starting with before my ride today.

Also, a quick apology for the length of my previous post, I realize now it was WAY too long, I had hoped the internal navigation would help, but I really should have broken it up more. Hopefully it didn’t turn too many of you away. It won’t happen again.

A photo of my Zebrakenko Storm bike.

Here's a photo of my Zebrakenko storm. Don't mind the mess in the garage, pretend its not there.

A close up of the Zebrakenko logo.

The bike definitely isn't in perfect shape, and the logo paint is worn.

A picture of my Zebrakenko Storm.

A view from the other side. In retrospet I probably shoudl have moved away from the house and found some better lighting.

I’ll be following this up with some content shortly.


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    the challenge

    can one lazy guy overcome his sloth and convert to commuting by bike?

    over 100 days remain...

    the cost

    Red 1980 Zebrakenko Storm: $140
    New Tires & Brakes: $56
    Bike Computer: $22
    Total (as of 3/30/10): $218

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